Garrett Family

The following information was taken on May 13, 1979 in the home of Rachel Garrett Hesterly, Prescott, Arkansas. She was about 83 at this time. She had a shoebox full of data.

Joseph E Garrett was born in 1802, died in 1853. Stacy Reeder, his wife, is buried beside him on the farm near Sutton, Arkansas., about 1 mile from the Harmony Cemetary, under a fig tree, where they lived & died. A concrete slab covers both graves today with the above inscriptions on it. Nothing about Stacy Reeder, only name. This slab was placed there in the 1920's by a grandson, Tom Garrett (son of Frank & Caroline Garrett). Children of Joseph E. & Stacy Reeder Garrett are as follows:

  1. Frank Garrett b 19 March 1823, d 8 Dec 1899. He married Adlyn Caroline Steele, she was b 1 April 1840, d 28 April 1916.
  2. Dora Garrett, married a ______ Powers.
  3. Sara Garrett, married Hiram H. Wootton.
  4. Thomas Odelle Garrett b 10 July 1827, d 25 July 1876, married Matilda Adeline Wylie on 17 Nov 1852. She was b 14 Jan 1832, d 16 Feb 1905. Above is all I know anything about.

Children of Thomas Odelle & Matilda Adeline Garrett are:

  1. Fannie Garrett, married Larkin H Hill, a Baptist minister.
  2. William Baxter Garrett b 3 Feb 1857, d 16 Jan 1928, married Mary A. (Molly) Hare. She was born 28 Sept 1865, d 22 May 1907.
  3. Martha Alice Garrett, married John D. McMath.
  4. James F. Garrett b 13 Feb 1862, d 4 Oct 1924, was married twice. First to Sally Thompson b 25 Mar 1860, d 23 Feb 1901. Second wife was Harriet Jane Thompson Evans b 5 Mar 1876, d 5 Jan 1958.
  5. Dora Garrett b 7 Jan 1864, d 16 June 1891, married Willie Phillips.
  6. Joseph E. Garrett b 23 Feb 1860, married Anna Lisa Brooks.
  7. Johnny Garrett died at 2 years of age.
  8. Ella Garrett died a 1 year of age.
  9. Thomas Augustus (Gus) Garrett b 19 June 1870, d 2 Feb 1959, married Lydia Permelia McGough (these were Rachel's father & mother). They were born & raised within 2 miles of each other & lived in the same community until 1926 when they moved to Prescott, Arkansas.
  10. Sara Stacy Garrett b 31 Aug 1875, d 15 Feb 1947. She was twice married, first to a Baptist minister name of Wilson, second time to D. A. Wood of Jonesboro, Arkansas; divorced both.

Thomas Odelle Garrett, a brother of Joseph E Garrett was born in Pulaski, Giles Co., Tennessee and married a Miss Reed there & moved to Texas. He is buried near Stranger, Texas. His grave marker says Thomas Odelle Garett died in 1848 age 50 yrs & 1 mo old. Doesn't give a date (month and day) when he was born. Information given by grandaughter Mrs. Gertrude Hancock of Reagan, Texas. Her father Jasper Garrett reared a large family, 12 girls & 1 son. He settled in Falls County near Marlin, Texas.

Joseph Edward Garrett, son of Jasper Garrett, visited in Prescott, Arkansas in 1940. He is Mrs. Gertrude Hancock's brother. He was in his seventies and lived in Corpus Christi, Tx.

Joseph E. Garrett was my 2nd great grand father (per my relationship caculator)

This data tanscribed and typed by William Wootton, 29800 Goldspike Rd., Tehachapi, Ca. 93561 Submitted to on September 2, 2001.