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Comments left July 1996 - April 2009 (most dates before 2000 are approximate). From July 1995 to February 1998, we were known as Wolf Since then, we have been PCFA.ORG. Sorry, but after November 2009, we no longer accept comments because there is no longer an administrator for this site.

Surname: BROWN, Charles W., Emily, and children Robert, Lena, Mary, Edgar, Finis, and Lawrence. Lived in Nevada County 1920, 1930's. Emily & Charles buried at New Salem Cemetary. Looking for any info on this family. Thanks Contact - Chrestman, Weatherford, TX,, 2009-04-01).

who is looking for grandmother ..maude lee thornton casebier?... found this site by accident.... maude lee was my mother... effie was not her sister. but one of her cousins... i was looking for her father.. richard... also..for one of maudes brothers that no one talked about. he was murdered...long ago.....before i was born i suppose. i have the date somewhere... let me know if you have any info..(shirl jones, forest park georgia,, 2007-01-17).

Looking for any information on Audra Carrington from Prescott Arkansas area. Had a son, Alvin Earl Carrington and daughter Louise Carrington (England) who had two daughters and last lived in N.J. Any information helpful. She is buried in cemetery in Prescott or Hope, Arkansas. My grandmother on father's side. I didn't grow up with my father. Deserted my mother when I was two. Thanks you for any information given to me.(Patricia Carrington Roos, Lititz, PA,, 2006-08-20).

On the "Rootsweb" site for Carson-Tibbs you list all the members of my grandfather's family on the Willis side. I am looking for any information on Dickson Lee Willis who you list as "living".(Paul Willis, Minneapolis, MN,, 2006-04-07).

We are looking for Warren H. Hines married Gennitt {Nittie } Burns 15 July 1893 in Nevada Co. Arkansas. They had a son Harry Hines died around Little Rock Arkansas in 1932 from a train actident. Madeline Purifoy Purifoy, Croossett, Arkansas,, 2006-01-02).

My mother Dorothy Mae Jennings Curry is desperately trying to locate the gravesite of one of her great grandfathers, Thomas Jefferson Jennings d. 1910-1911 according to when his civil war pension was stopped, wife was Julia Ann Herriage Jennings d. 1901?. They lived in the town of Graysonia, Arkansas. If anyone has any information on the cementaries of that area and where we might locate his grave, please email me. Any information on the Jennings Family in that area would be appreciated. Thank you. (Lisa Worley for Dorothy Jennings Curry, Worley, Arkansas,, 2005-10-29).

Unbelievable! I found my husbands family members and it finally brings closure, thanks to this site and the folks who created and mainain it.(Yolanda Thomas, Quartz Hill, CA,, 2005-10-02).

I am searching for descendants of Lord William & Ann Chew Johnston who lived in Virginia in the early 1700's. They had many children. I am trying to prove that William was in fact Lord William son of William Johnstone, 1st Maquee of Annandale, Scotland. I have sent DNA in and am waiting for results. (Chip Johnson, Charleston, West Virginia,, 2005-05-27).

I was born in Prescott, Ar. in 1946. I am looking for anyone who knew my Dad, Alvin Johnson. He was killed in a logging accident in 1952 or 1953. Would just love to have any old photos if anyone around there happens to have some.(Geneva Johnson Smith, Houston, Texas,, 2004-11-08).

Looking for information on my grandparents, Jim Haynie & Mary Bonds Haynie. They had 16 children. Parents' of George Haynie my father. Thankyou for your help.(Joyce Ann Haynie, Little Rock, Arkansas,, 2004-10-12).

Seeking information on the descendants of JEFFERSON CUMMINS Born in 1812 AR. Jeffereson married ANNIE/ANNA WARD in 1832 Hempstead Co., AR. Annie died and Jefferson married MALINDA CARDWELL SALIERS in 1863. They lived in the part of Hempstead that became Nevada County. We think Jefferson died in Prescott but we don't know when.(Georgia Mathis Cummons, Jacksonville, FL,, 2004-10-08).

Great site, so glad I found it. Found my ancestors the Crow's and Clark's and that was just in the cemetery listings. Good work and THANKS(Ann, Redwater,Texas,, 2004-08-12).

I am researching my wife's family, the May's and Stiles, from Nevada Co. and surrounding areas. I will gladly exchange info on either of the families. (Gene Harrell, Texarkana, Ar.,, 2004-06-30).

I was born in Prescott, Nevada, Ark 1/20/20. My parents-Roy Frederick LOE and Sidna LEE of Texas moved to Calif when I was 8yrs. The families I am researching in Nevada county are LOE, Isaac A.RODGERS, Hill or Hillery GENTRY, John KENNEDY, FAIRCHILD, Edvin HIRST, Cynthia LAUGHLIN, Mildred MILLS, & Martha COOK.and I need help. I already have much info. on the LOE & Fairchild families I am willing to share,but need help on the other lines. I am planning a trip to the area in May to research the libraries.If you can help please contact me-Wanda Loe Wright at LOE Wright, Loomis,Calif,, 2004-03-31).

2/11/04 - Message to ANN POUNDS. My father in law is a nephew of Willie Bernice FAUGHTENBERY Hinton. Willing to trade information. Thanks - Lisa(Lisa Lovewell, Shreveport, LA,, 2004-02-11).

Looking for information on the afro american Pate family. My great grandparents were barney(BAM) and alabama(POLLY)PATE. They lived in Ozan.(eddie m. sims, houston,texas,, 2003-11-06).

I am seeking information about my grandparents. My grandfather and grandmother, Louis and Sarah Suckle, lived in Prescott from about 1905 (presumed date of their marriage) until perhaps 1930 or 1936, when they moved to Texarkana, Texas. My mother, Helen Beatrice (later Bobbye) Suckle (later Ortiz) was born in Memphis, although the family was living in Prescott. They went to Memphis because of the hospital there. I know they lived in a small house and my grandfather at least for the first few years ran a clothing store or haberdashery called The New York Store. They were Jewish. I am very curious to find out details of any kind. (Victoria Ortiz, Berkeley, CA,, 2003-10-06).

Looking for information on Sandefur, Wylie, Lowthorp families lived in Nevada, Hempstead counties of Arkansas. Also info on Rosehill Cemetery in Hope. (Charlene Lowthorp Mitchell, Dallas, TX,, 2003-08-23).

Would like to hear from anyone connected to Whiteside or Hatley families who were very prominent in Prescott in the late 1800's and early 1900's. (Evorie Loe, Prescott, AR,, 2003-07-04).

Seeking info on:Gerge Irving and Nannie Mary Nelson and their children: Lynn, Pauline, & Catheline.Need birth & death dates, spouses, etc. Would like Nannie's parents too. Will exchange. Irve & Nannie lived in Prescott.(Nannette Whitney Gorton, West Monroe, LA ,, 2003-05-12).

I would like anyone with information on the Robert Matthews ,John Stripling,Dewey Stripling, John Grimes and Glass families in Nevada Co. to please contact me. thanks Shirla(Shirla Brown, Rosston,Ar.,, 2003-05-09).

I am searching for information on the Cottingham,Andrews,Pruitt,Manning,Grimes,Glass,Bustin and Whatley families in Nevada Co. and Hempstead Co.,Ar. If anyone has information please contact me. Thanks(Shirla Brown, Rosston,Ar.,, 2003-05-09).


I am interested in contacting any descendants of John Moore Norman (1968 - 1924) and Martha (Mattie) Elizebeth Hickey (1872 - 1936). Family live in or near Bluff City, Rocky Hill area. My mother, Euna Ellen Norman (1915 - 1983), was the youngest of 12 Norman children. William Robert, Archie Thomas, Lucielle Abigail, Lou Ella, John (Johnny), Mattie Gertrude, Annie Mae, James Damon (JD)Adell Elizebeth &(Thurman) Haskel. I'm sure the cousins are scattered to the winds but any information would be appreciated. (David Finch, Maryville, TN,, 2003-01-25).

Surnames: CRAYNE, RUSSELL. Am researching the Charley Crayne and Lena Frances Russell Crayne Family, Would like to know who her parents were and how the Burnetts were related. Also any of the Gormans as Charley's mother was a Gorman. Any help would be appreciated. E_mail me Milam, Little Rock, Arkansas,, 2003-01-07).

I wanted you to know that Alvis Blanch Smith Blair has the unmarked grave between Charles Elwood Smith and Albert Harold Smith, that passed on in 196? She is sandwiched in between her father and her brother. Charlie or Dean Hicks out at Cale can show you exactly where. I want you to know how much your web site is loved and appreciated, by me. Also I loved the pictures of the church. Also will you please tell charles "Doc" to write to me at this address. I really need to come home. My love to all, Gail Blair Otto (gail blair otto , farmington nm,, 2002-07-26).

My father, Glenn George Hairston, MD, was the son of George Gould Hairston, buried at Green Plains, AR (Dierks) in 1959 or 1960 timeframe. His mother died while he was still a child. My father was born in Timpson, TX. He was a past Nevada County Citizen of the Year, a 32nd Degree Mason, a Bronze Star recipient, and retired from the Ark Natl Guard. He served Prescott and the surrounding area as a general practitioner/surgeon for many years, delivering a vast number of babies and curing many illnesses. He was the official PHS Curly Wolves physician for numerous years. He adopted my sister, Ruth, and me when we were 4 and 5 years old, respectively. He was a wonderful, caring and loving father. We miss him sorely!(James Glenn Hairston, Hope, AR,, 2002-05-21).

I would like to know if anyone has any info on the following: JONES, Benjamin Henry wife Caldonia "Puss"; children:Patterson, Asberry, William, Robb, Artery, Benjamin, Jr., Eliza, Willie, Wiley, Simms, Nancy. WESLEY, Henry Coffee or Henry Wesley COFFEE wife Catherine; children: Sam, Henry, Carroll (boys). JONES, William "Bill" wife Ann; children: Ed (could be Edward), Ada, Bishop, Johnnie, Susie. William had a previous child--Ida--by a woman named Jessie. LOUDERMILKS: Sam, Roy Sr. and Jr., Mary Lee, Rosie Lee, Cora, Henry, Lummie, John L., Elmer, Sallie, Elizabeth, and others. These families are from Nevada, Hempstead, and Miller Counties, ARK. (maybe others). Cites of: Hope, Emmet, Bodcaw, Prescott, Providence, Ozan, Azor, Texarkana, ARK and TEX, Stamps, and others. If any information on this, please contact me so we can share. K. Rodgers, I, San Bernardino, CA,, 2002-05-15).

Outstanding site to learn about family and get connected to your ancestors. My grandparents Louis & Georgia McNeely lived right on Nevada County Line in Rosston, Arkansas. Many family members buried at White Church Cemetery - Black Section. Would be interested in further information about the McNeely family and others buried at same cemetery. Please contact. .(Georgena (McNeely) Johnson-Anderson, Indianapolis, Indiana,, 2002-04-28).

In Reference to McKelvy Cemetery Survey, Snell Cemetery, Black Section: Mrs. Gencie Linton Stuckey and Johnney Stuckey had a son, B.W. Stuckey, who is buried right beside her, or perhaps the left side or bottom. B.W.'s name does not appear in the listings. He was my grandfather. My grandmother has his head stone in her closet, it has to be fixed. But there should be a metal marker with his name and birthday on it . He was an Army Veteran. B.W died when I was about 7 or 8 years old (I am 19 years old now).(Brandy Lewis, Prescott, Arkansas,, 2002-02-14).

In Reference to McKelvy Cemetery Survey, Craven Cemetery: Andrea C. Lewis was my sister. Her middle initial C is for Cemone. She was survived by her son Alundre' Grinnig. Her birthdate was Feburary 4, 1979, in Prescott, Arkansas. She was killed in an car accident by a truck driver. I can furnish more information on request.(Brandy Lewis, Prescott, Arkansas,, 2002-02-12).

Great site! I am the great, great granddaughter of Frances Monroe Mayberry, I know that he and family lived in Prescott, Ark in 1877 because I have a bill of sale from J.T.Brooks General Merchandise store with Miss Mayberry written on it. Anyone out there that my have knowledge of my family please email me. Thanks, Janet (Janet Mayberry Golian, SugarLand, TX,, 2002-02-08).

Hi! My name is Linda Nash. I am doing some research The Hicks family that is buried in Caney Cemetary. I need to know about the old Caney Methodist Church. I believe it is a Baptist Church now. I would like to know if anybody has any idea were the old church records might be. Any help would be helpful. Thank You. Nash, Stephens, AR ,, 2002-01-27).

I am looking for birth certificates, marriage license, death certificates for the family of Bessie Renwick Cox. The birth dates are as follows: Mack Renwick(father) 1868 Jessie Renwick Stewart(sis)1892 Mime Renwick(mother) 1871 Elizabeth Renwick Cannon(sis)1895 Nancy Renwick(sister) 1899 William Renwick(bro) 1905 Mary Renwick Mask(sister) 1889 I am trying to locate relatives of Mack Renwick. thank you.(Jacky Reyes, Glendale, AZ,, 2002-01-17).

I am just beginning my search and this site is very helpful. I am looking for any information on Andy Olsen Eaves, my father. He was killed in an industral accident at a ALCOA plant in Arkansas in 1954.(Ed Eaves, Woodbridge, VA,, 2002-01-06).

My mother passed away before she could discover the wonderful geneological resource of the internet. She would be pleased if I could locate any information about the Westmorelands or the Moores of Prescott in the early 1900's. There was a little white church (that I have a photo and painting of) called the "Westmoreland Church." Anybody?(Molly (Keen) Mitchell, Idaho Falls, Idaho,, 2001-09-20).

Seeking information on my great-grandfather, Richard Fletcher Florece (Flores or Florice). Census shows he was born in LA. He married Elbie Adams June 12, 1892 in Union Township, Nevada County AR and they lived around Reader. His brother may have been Jonah J. Florece, according to census, they lived near each other and Jonah signed the marriage contract. If you have any info., please contact me at, Texarkana, AR,, 2001-09-03).

I would like for someone to help me on a cemetery grave finding. I was in the Prescott area just yesterday 8-11-2001 and was in the Nubbin Hill area looking for the grave of Tillman Howell and his wife. I was told that they was buried in the Missionary Grove Cemetery so I drove there to find their grave and had no luck. I was wondering if someone could tell me where in the cemetery they are buried and if they have gravestones. I would pay to have someone take a picture of their grave and send to me. They are the great great great grandparents of my wife. I would like to visit their grave personally if I knew where they were but I live 45 mile from Nashville and it is 35 miles from Nashville to Prescott, so it is a long ways to go in vain if I don't see their graves. Please help if you can. email me at (Royce Pate, New Hope, AR,, 2001-08-12).

Great site. I just found info. that I have been hunting for months. My ggaunt Martha Matilda Sims-Strange (b.2/8/1852) is buried in Falcon Cemetery (d.1929). Husband Retherford L. Strange )b.1850, d.1933) also buried there. I am researching SIMS, STRANGE, LAHA, RENFRO,BENG,JEANS. I have info. on Augustus Warren Sims (gggfather b.3/27/1826 Dallas, Columbia. Ark.) & Allen J. & Mary Sims (ggggfather ?1800 Dallas). Welcome any info. & inquires. E-Mail Otis A. Sims(Otis A. Sims, The Colony, Tx.,, 2001-07-25).

Great site! Thanks for providing it. I am searching for ancestors and descendants of W. P. "Press" Buchanan, and especially his son, Thad and wife Ocia Coffee. (Jack Coffee, Baton Rouge, LA,, 2001-07-25).

I am looking for my grandmothers family. Her name was Sarah LouSena Allen. Her father's name was U. S. ALLEN. Mother's name was Luna CHATMAN. Her father died in 1913 and is buried in New Salem, Laneburg Cemetery. Her mother is buried there also under the name of Luna Allen MARRIS. Any info on the ALLEN/CHATMAN line would be great. Thank you. (Shirley Lake, Tucson, Arizona,, 2001-07-15).

I have an extensive genealogy file that's fairly well documented, covering several families in Nevada County, particularly around Mt. Moriah, Bluff Springs and Laneburg (Fincher, Ware, Jarvis, Ward, Bennett, Purtle and others). Also, a number of photos taken in the late 1800's including some of the James East home and store at Mt. Moriah. Should you be interested in any of this information, I will be pleased to share it. You may contact me at:, Rouse,, 2001-07-15).

My grandmother was born in Prescott AR May 25, 1870 (I believe this is accurate) Her name was Lila Lee (or Liletha) GEE. Her mother was Martha Ann Gleghorn, and think her father was named John Gee. She had a number of brothers, Sam, Green, Jim, Ed, sisters Mag and Emily. Any information on the family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Myrtle Buls(Myrtle Patterson Buls, Texarkana, AR,, 2001-07-05).

I am looking to get ahold of the Cottingham family. Audra, the mom; Bill, (aka "Pedro"), the son; Shelia, the daughter. Shelia served punch at my weddng on New Year's Eve, 1983. She also went with a boy named Frank wo used to work at the service station. (Back then...a REAL service station.) Back in 1992, when my siblings and I went to Prescott to bury our grandmother, Annie Louise Calhoun, my brother, Doulas Calhoun, and I went to Bill's house. He was married and had a child. A boy I believe. Since 1992, I have lost the mailing address and phone number to Audra's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Carol Ross(Carol Calhoun-Ross, Redondo Beach, CA,, 2001-06-27).

Leslie Auxer checking in to say greetings to all relatives of Charles Cross. My understanding is the he lived a good life and contributed much. aka: Les, Lesi, Messy Lesie (my mom, Bland Derby Auxer is the only human allowed to call me these names.) I would like to hear from members of the Auxer family who have been to Auxerre, France, and hear about their travel experiences. Pleasant summer days to you all, with best regards.(Leslie Auxer, Raystown Lake, Apex Realty Group , PO Box 479, Huntingdon, PA 16652,,, 2001-06-20).

I am looking for any relatives or information about the waters family. James william waters, father was fred waters, mother lucy ellen waters. had a son learmon william fred waters. james was supposely married to a ethel mae carter which is learmons real mother. any info about the waters family or ehtel please email me at waters, lonoke, arkansas,, 2001-05-19).

Need any info on BALDOCK family, they lived in the Prescott area when my grandmother Mary Elizabeth BALDOCK married my grandfather James Claiborne BARR in 1890. Any information on the Baldock or Barr family would be appreciated. Mary ELizabeth's father was Ruben Andrew Baldock and her mothers name may have been Sarah...James Claiborne BARR was the son of Andrew W. Barr and Mary Jane Balliant (or Valliant ?).(Shirley Barr May, Coushatta, LA,, 2001-05-17).

WILLIAM JASPER HITT, killed in 1902, Nevada Co., crossing RR tracks in a covered wagon. He was a local merchant. Does anyone know what month this happened? He was a brother of my great grandfather, REV. LARKIN HITT, whose daughter, CORA MUNN, taught school there most of her life. Mr. Teeter has a picture of her with one of her classes. All my mothers people grew up in Prescott, BEAN, GARRETT . Would the police or sheriff,s office have a record of this? I was born in Hope 1932 Ben Grove (BEN GROVE, Fredericksburg,VA,, 2001-04-01).

Looking for ancestor info in Nevada Co. area for GILL. Also related surnames; ADAMS, CRAWFORD, BUCHANAN,STUART, ROBINSON and GILCHRIST. Grandfather was ELMER GILL 1900-1970 and Grandmother LENORA GILL 1903-1983. My Father; Cecil GILL 1922-1985. G-Grandfather JIMMY GILL. Appreciate any info.(Linda, Florida,, 2001-03-19).

My Aunt Nellie (Horn) Throgmorton taught at Red Hill School ca 1910. I have two class pictures taken at the school which I would like to contribute if this is the Nevada County Red Hill School. (Was there not a Red Hill School also in Clark County?) Is there someone who can advise me? (Fred Vallowe,, 2001-01-20).

I have had difficulty finding an obituary for my grandfather, Clifton Watson Harris. It apparantly appeared in the Nevada News on or about 02/13/30. If you can be of assistance, I would appreciate it. Thanks (Larry R. Harris, 2000-12-20).

My grandfather was a W.R. "Willie" jenkJns. I am wondering if this might be he. I have desperately been hunting for sometime. His parents were a W.R. "Bob" and Emily Herring Jenkins. They are white. Please help if you can. (Rebecca Jenkins Gilley,, 2000-11-14).

Looking for any info on my Nash line. My gg uncle Lovick C. Nash lived some in Navada County. I think Hale C. Nash is his son but not proven yet. Any help, advice, or direction would be greatly appreciated... (Charles Nash,, 2000-11-06).

How would I find out about this man's siblings or children I'm looking for more info on my great grandfather Lewis Joshua Sr. (Dameius Cooley,, 2000-10-31).

You have done a great job in researching and putting all this information together. I have been gone from that area since 1956. Through your efforts i have located about 20 relatives and leared a lot..Most of my relatives are buried at Piny grove.. My dad..Josiah Eli Raines is burried next to his first wife Ada Mae Raines and my mother Hester Raines is burried on the other side of him..She died in July 1972.I am sure the marker got misplaced. I do thank for all the wonderful work you have done... I was raised in Cale.... (Charles W Raines,, 2000-10-29).

Great Website,Love reading about people i know. maybe some of them can help me find my great grandmother. William Powell married her sometime in the 1870 maybe a little before, he was the son of Caleb and Latha G. Powell. William had 2 sons by her, Cal (Nanette Powell Beavers,, 2000-10-26).

Your website is great! It has really made a difference in my research, and I thank you for it. On Friday, some other "family researchers are arriving to see what they can find in the family history. You have helped that effort a great deal. Thank you! (Connie Ward,, 2000-10-25).

I have been looking for information on my great grandmother for quite some time, actually a couple of years, I just recently learned that she is buried in the White Church Cemetery and is buried there with her husband Will Milam. Can't find her in the (Sheila Minor,, 2000-10-10).

This is an exceptionally good site, and I have been in a BUNCH of them! I wrote a comment in 1999, and asked for information on John R. Anderson and family, but my address has changed since I wrote it. Thanks for all the work that has been done on this site. ((Mary Jo Lambert,, 2000-10-03).

I am looking for info on my maternal grandfather's family. He was Holly Roy Cearley (March 18, 1893 - March 17, 1974) from Mt. Moriah, Nevada Co. His parents were John Cearley (born 1851) in Mississippi & Sarah "Sally" Fore (1861-1916) from Mt. Moriah. He was a deaf mute & had a twin brother, Rolly Noy, who was hearing. Other siblings include Chloe, James Beet, & Hautine who was also a deaf mute. Holly moved to La. & married my grandmother Lula May Neal. Any info on these people would be appreciated. Hautine married & moved to Ohio with husband Floyd Keathley. Chloe, Beet, & Rolly remained in Nevada Co. to the best of my knowledge. Have found burials for Beet, Rolly, & Sarah but not Chloe or John. Thanks. (Sharon Kay Y. Pledger,, 2000-10-02).

Looking for any family members of James R. Jester or Tempie Jester. I know the family spread out and lived in Pike, Clark and Nevada Counties for a while. These pages are a great way to communicate. (Sheena Carson,, 2000-09-25).

Thanks for all the hard work. Those of us who do not get back to Prescott as often do appreciate every thing you do. It keeps us in touch with our genealogy. Was real excited to see the cemetery update. Haven't seen everything on the site, so will definitely visit again. (Linda Gail McBrayer Kucera,, 2000-09-13).

Nice web site. Im looking for descendants of James H. McCraven son of Benjamin Franklin McCraven and Hannah?. He was born in Howard County. There is a James H. McCraven buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery in your County. Would like to know if this is one in the same. My Grandmother Caroline McCraven Story was his sister. Would like help from anyone on this line. Thanks (Doris L. Pendleton,, 2000-09-11).

My name is Pamela Carver and my mother is Vada Jean Gourley. My grandmother was Della Gourley and my grandfather was Earl Gourley. My mother was raised around the Prescott area. Anything that you have on either my grandmother or grandfather would be greatly appreciated. I did not know my grandmother; I was six months old when she passed away. I knew my grandfather very well. (Pam Ward Carver,, 2000-08-28).

I am researching Delaughter. I was glad to see something in your wonderful site about them. However, I am from the Mississippi Delaughters. I am also researching Garner from Mississippi and Arkansas. Any others researching these lines may contact me. (Sandi Taylor, or, 2000-08-27).

I'm researching Callicot ancestors. I've reached such a dead-end in looking for DJ (David Joseph) Callicott (MS/AL) (Sarah Jones,, 2000-07-08).

I really enjoy your site. It has been a great help to me as most of my husband's family was from Nevada County near Prescott and Waterloo. These are the families I'm searching: CHAMLEE, BARR, BALLIENT, BEARDEN, MARTIN - I'd love to hear from anyone searching these. I'm willing to share info if you are! (Angela Chamlee,, 2000-07-05).

I have a web page with Carrington and Montgomery pages on line. Both families are in the DeAnn Cemetery and Montgomery family in Nevada (Hempstead CO) 1844 and Carrington in 1860. Both families were in Prescott, AR in 1900 and beyond. The web page is (Linda Taylor,, 2000-06-09).

I looked for a cemetery for Elliott Lowdermilk. No joy. This is what I found via a Lowdermilk researcher back in 1996: "Elliott and Jane Lowdermilk are buried in Maxwell Family Cemetery, near Blevins, AR. (David E. Cummins,, 2000-06-08).

I have a solid tree from THE Charles Cummins, immigrant, to my grandchildren. THE Charles, I designated him THE because there are so bloody many Charles Cummins/Cummings that confuse the search, born in Ireland about 1695, Scotch-Irish, arrived in Cumberland Co., PA about 1735 +/-, trekked to Guilford Co., NC, the group stayed in NC until 1800+/- and split, trekked to Davidson Co., TN and KY, then our types trekked to AL. No data as to why. There are close related Cummins in AL and MS to this day. Then to AR. So, Ireland, PA, NC, TN, AL and AR. THE Charles has descendants in AL, AR, MS, TX, OK, VA, CO, CA, SC, NE, SD, TN, GA, KY and MO, that we know of. (David E. Cummins,, 2000-06-08).

Very helpful web site. I visit often. I am looking for relatives of the David James Montgomery family and J. G. Carrington family. I need some help finding their roots. (Linda Taylor,, 2000-05-26).

Am searching for information on JOSEPH HENRY WARD who was in Prescott at least by 1869 when my grandfather was born. I cannot find the family on the 1870 Arkansas census, but was wondering if Prescott has a copy of its own 1870 census. I have a suspici (Kay Ward Davis,, 2000-05-23).

I am looking for information on Pleasant W. Clark and wife Hulda Caroline Tharp Clark. Pleasant was born on June 15, 1824 in Tennessee and died on December 20, 1896 in Nevada Co. Hulda was born on August 8, 1828 in Alabama and died on September 30, 1914 in Nevada Co. Both are burried in Clark Cemetery. They are my great-great-great-grandparents. We have not been able to find much information about them. Both were said to be Native Americans but we have no facts to support this. Also, I am trying to find if my great-great-grandfather Haley Foster was married to a Martha Phillips. Haley Foster born 1855 in Arkansas and died in Arkansas. He was the Son of Chester and Marcia Foster (David Bennett,, 2000-05-12).

Looking for information on Carl Morris, Carrie M. McCain Morris, Sally Morris Billingsley, Henry Billingsley, Thomas Morris, and Mary Blake Morris. Can anyone help me! (Mike Smith,, 2000-04-06).

Photo of the family of James Buchanan & Margaret Ann Hawley. The girl on the left was Maude Pearl and she was born 28 Feb 1885 in Prescott and died in Midland Texas in 1954. The other girl was Hattie Ann and she was born in May 1889 in Prescott and died in 1955 in Red River Co TX. James was born 16 Jun 1856 in Lee Co VA and died 4 Aug 1927 in Red River Co TX. Margaret was born 13 Feb 1861 in Fayette Co TN and died in Nevada Co Ar on 19 Dec 1903. James and Margaret married in Fayette Co TN on 19 Feb 1880 and moved to Prescott, AR in the fall of 1880. Margaret's maiden name was Robertson. (Gary Hawley,, 2000-02-29).

I would like to contact descendants of Vera Hays of McNeil, or descendants of her brothers and sisters. She was the granddaughter of Garland Williamson Walker, brother of my great-great-grandfather William Luther Walker. I found her photo (dated 1909) in the online Walz collection and am trying to learn more about this family. (Barbara Ray,, 2000-02-15).

I love your page! I am researching the following families in Nevada County: Whitney, Howard, Cox, Nelson, Huling, Hulan, and McCain. I would love to exchange on these families. (Nan Whitney Gorton,, 1999-12-15).

I miss Prescott and get there four or five times per year to see my mother, Mrs. Dena White, widow of Tom W. White (Dr. Dennis White,, 1999-12-14).

I am beginning a search of my father's family, the Butlers of Bodcaw. The "oldest" dates I have are for my great-grandfather, John E. Butler. He was born on 4/16/1861, location unknown. He died on 6/11/1938 in what is now Nevada County. He is buried in the Union Cemetary. I always thought it was in Bodcaw near the Union Missionary Baptist Church but I may be wrong. John's son, Robert A. Butler, was my grandfather. He died sometime in the 1960's in Camden. Robert's son was my father. His name was Ruel Dalton Butler. He was born in Bodcaw on 7/29/1927 and died in San Antonio, Texas on 5/30/1965. I would genuinely appreciate any help anyone could give me in trying to find the ancestors of John E. Butler. (Susan Butler Cornell,, 1999-11-15).

I am doing research on the Fore Family from Nevada County. My grand parents were Jessie Fore and he died 3/11/66. His wife was Lodie Fore(Roberts). He had 3 brothers Foye, Herbert, Lloyd and 2 sister Gertie Butler and Cumi Butler. If you have any information please email me. (Greg Fore,, 1999-09-15).

This is a great site. My mother Jimmy Smith was born in Nevada Co. 10-15-05 and moved to Arizona in 1917. My grandparents were Mollie Dunn who was born in Ark. and James Julius Smith, born in Ga and died in 1906 in Nevada County. He should be buried there, but I haven't located the cemetery. My grandmother had 5 sisters (their married names were: Kreech, Wheelington, Foster, Adams and McQuen), 1 brother Ben and a half brother Hastin Dunn and and half sister Tulie nn. My grandmother's great grandmother was named Patsy (or something similar) Bugg and she was pure Cherokee Indian. My grandfather had 1 brother and two sisters with married names of Fox and Cranford. I believe they also lived in Nevada Co. His first wife was Molsie and they had 2 daughters, one named Mittie. Any info would be appreciated. (Lynda Huffman,, 1999-08-15).

I visited this page and found it to be one of the best sites for information. I am new to computers and genealogy, but am trying hard to learn. I have grandparents buried in the Rocky Mound Cemetery -- John I and Ara Campbell and two of their children (Imogene & infant Campbell). His mother is also buried there (Hattie Campbell). Ara Campbell was a Dixon. If anyone has any Information they would like to share or if I can help someone else, I would really appreciate the help. (Linda Hudson, Pineville, LA,, 1999-06-15).

The cemetery lists have been priceless to me in researching surnames Anderson, Frisby, Meador, Jones, Lambert, Waddle, Hitt, Bright, Phillips, Wylie, Beauchamp, Hunt, Orren, and Howard. I am especially interested in getting in touch with anyone who might have information regarding John R. Anderson, b. abt. 1859 m. Bettie Frisby, b. 1862. John R. is my grandfather's (James Millard Anderson) father and I have not been able to find his parents' names. I know that they died at the same time (around 1895-1899) and I would like to know the cause of their death. My grandfather and his sister Leatha were 12 and 9 at the time. Any help would be much appreciated. (Mary Jo Anderson Lambert, (May 1999) see 10-3- 2000 for new address), 1999-05-15).

This site has been very helpful in my search for my husband's ancestors. I am still looking for ancestors of Phineus H. Herring (1866 - 1948) m. Mary Jane Herring (DeAnn Cemetery). Also, I am looking for ancestors of Thomas Bayless (T.B.) Boswell (1870 - 1935) and Vinie Boswell (1870 - 1959)(Union Cemetery). If you are related to either Herrings or Boswells of Nevada County or nearby vicinty I'd love to hear from you. My husband's grandparents were Irl and Elsie Herring of Bodcaw. (Donna Herring,, 1999-05-14).

I just ran across this site and it's great. I'm just starting to look for some of my relatives. I live in Texas, was raised in Arkansas. Most of my father's side of the family are deceased; his name is Drue Albert Williams. He and his brothers and sisters were raised in and around Prescott. He had sisters named Goergia Mae, and Jimmie Dee, and brothers named (Bill) Harlen, (Joe) Harlis Williams. Sometime some of the family started moving to El Dorado. Their parent's names were Tom Williams and Mary Chamlee. I am stumped and need to know if anyone knows anything about this family. (Mary Chamberlain, or, 1999-04-15).

You have a great site. Looking for "Hines." George W. was a brother to my g-grandfather, Joseph L. Hines. My grandfather Alvie was born in Nevada Co. in 1878 and spoke of a cousin "Fate" Hines. If there are any "Hines" related to these would appreciate hearning from you. (Jean Hines Scott,, 1999-03-15).

What wonderful information. I am a member of the BARKER, SAMPSON, WHITE, and LOE famlies. My beloved Grandmother lives in Prescott at the ripe age of 94! Thank you so much for your information so readily available to me. (Carolyn Ann McCarter,, 1999-02-15).

I am researching the THORNTON family in Nevada county--my ggrandmother Maude Lee Thornton has sisters named Grace and May and possibly Effie--she also had a brother named Alvin and a couple of other Brothers whose name I do not have. They were born and r aised "in the Prescott area" according to her youngest son, my gr-uncle Maude's mother was, according to ledgend, names Elizabeth or Lizzie and was full-blood native american (or at least she LOOKED full blood native american, and I have no information o n her father--does anyone know anything? Maude was born just before the turn of the century. Please share info if you have it! (Susan Modica,, 1998-12-15).

I like your page. I am lookimg for family members from Nevada County. (Laveda Glover-McWillie,, 1998-11-15).

I was born in Laneburg and lived there until I was 10. We moved to Prescott where I attended school and played football in the late 50's. I am now in South Korea and work for the U.S. Army as a G.S12. I retired from the Army in 1984 as a E-8. I read the Nevada County newspaper on your web every week. . . Thanks to all who help put it there. (Horace L.Gourley, GourleyH@34SG.Korea.Army.Mil, 1998-10-15).

I am searching for the parents of Ed M. Creech, b. 1882, d. 1909. Lived in Stamps, buried in Falcon cemetary. Sisters: Almedi C. Clark, Tommie C. Lewis, Leslie [Lessie] and Lela [Lula]. Also 1/2 brother, Frank Miller. Married Eller Foster 1903 daughter of Sam and Louisa. Ed had three children: Oscar Wise b. 1904, Arthur, and Otto. (Carol Creech McMillan,, 1998-10-15).

This is a terrific place. My grandmother and grandfather were married in prescott in 1914. His name John David Brown, hers, Idella Mae Smith. most of my aunts and uncles as well as my father were born in Prescott. I am currently looking for anyone with more information on the Brown, Smith, Kimberlin, Woods families. My grandfather seems to have been a real mystery to even his children. I have had no luck in locating info on him.He is buried in Rocky Mound Cemetery in Fouke, Ark. I did have the opportunity to visit his grave recently and to visit my aunt Grace Johnston who now lives in Texarkana. I would love to hear from anyone with more info on this family. and would be more than happy to share what info I have. (Paula Brown Little,, 1998-10-15).

I visited the Genealogy Page and found it to be very interesting. I was born at Prescott in the Fairview Community in 1924. I have a lot of informtion on the Barnes and Dye families. Would certainly like more. Plan to visit the Depot Museum in a few weeks when I am there for my high school reunion 'class of 1941'. (Amy Barnes Sanders,, 1998-09-15).

I am very interested in Nevada Co., Ark. as I have been researching family history on my Beasley lines. I hope anyone researching BEASLEY will contact me. I have a copy of marriages from Nevada, will look them up. (Jo Autrey,, 1998-09-15).

My Grandparents were married in Prescott abt 1890-95.Jasper Newcomb-Sarah Elizabeth Buchanan. You have a nice site! (Kay Harper,, 1998-06-15).

Shown in the 1900 Nevada Co., Census. Also shown in the cemetery records section. He is shown as applicant for Pension in Hempstead County 1915? (Ina Wallace,, 1998-06-15).

I am the granddaughter of Sallie Ann Bean, born in Prescott, Sept. 4, 1883, to Joseph Nofsinger Bean and Molly Stokes Bean. She married Thomas Whitfield Woodul in Prescott april 30, 1907. He was born in Clayton, Ark. I live in Austin, TX and am interested in both the Bean and Woodul families. Contact me at (Diana Kate Sledge,, 1998-05-15).

If you would like to exchange information on the following family geneologies please write.: Arrington, Malone (from Willisville area), Rogers, Lusby, Barham, Bright. (Jason Arrington,, 1998-05-15).

I appreciate the work you are doing. I was happy to see the history of Piney Grove Church listed here. I am researching the following names: Harris, Hooks, Jones, Riggs, Paschal, Frisby, McDougald, Avery, Collins, Nolen, Lucas, Wrinkle, Rinkle, Huckleberry, and other allied families. If you would like to trade information, please e-mail me at or call me at (318) 752-8400. (Rev. Andy Harris,, 1998-04-15).

Looking for any information on Slagle family and about the shooting in Prescott between Mr. Slagle and Mark McCain. Who was Mr. Slagle and who were his children? (M.T. Smith,, 1998-04-15).

I am looking for information on Henry Mark McCain, his mother and father, brothers and sisters. Mark McCain was one of the more famous McCain brothers, as he was in gun fight in Prescott and shot a man. He, himself, was shot in leg, which he lost. Mark lived to be over 100 years. His daughter, Carrie M. McCain Morris, was my grandmother. Any info on this family would be most grateful. ((Michael (Mike) Smith,, 1998-04-14).

Looking for all information on Carl D. Morris and Carrie M. McCain Morris. These are my grandparents. I need any and all info as to there parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and where they came from. (Mike Smith,, 1998-04-13).

I would like to correct info I provided earlier on Evie Ward's family. I have learned more from Mr. Teeter at the Museum about Evie and Kate Ward's daughters, Nannie and Mary. I am looking for persons related to them as they may hold information on the whereabouts of the Elisha Ward Bible (published 1829). Nannie Ward married a man named Cummings during her teaching career in Prescott. (I had incorrectly said earlier she had married a Leonard Smith.) After retirement (1940's), she and her husband oper ated a motel and resturant on the highway south of town. I believe she may have died in Austin, Texas, in March, 1986. Mary Ward married Fletcher Parker who was in the Nevada Co. Hardware Company. She taught 3rd and 4th grade in Prescott back in the 192 0's. Any information on a possible descendent of these persons would be appreciated. (Mark Ward,, 1998-03-25).

I think it (the PCFA.ORG Genealogy Page) is wonderful. In reference to the January 1998 comment (below), Lou Etta Kennedy Beesley is my great grandmother, and her daughters and son are still alive. My grandmother, Essie Riley, is in the Medicalodge nursing home in Texarkana AR and still in her right mind and very alert. (Marilyn Marlar Huckabee,, 1998-03-15).

One of the best sites on the internet! Thanks. I have visited Nevada Co. and the Museum. I hope everyone interested in genealogy will make the trip. I am working on my grandmother's line. Susie Mae WILSON b.1887 in Prescott, Nevada Co. m. Oscar (R.S.) DERRICK. Her parents, Henry Elder WILSON and Isabella J. WARD, were married in 1873 in Nevada Co. They were all born in Arkansas. Children are: Elder Paris WILSON, Annie, Onnie, John H., Robert, Susie Mae (my grandmother). Henry Elder WILSON married his 2nd wife of Emmett, Ark. in 1892 Laura B.ANDERSON dau. of D.W. ANDERSON. He is a widower in 1900. If anyone has any information on this family, please e-mail I have been looking for along time. Thank you for such a great web site. (Lottie Hamilton,, 1998-03-15).

Does anyone there know of an Evie Ward who lived in Prescott on West Elm Street? He died in 1950. My interest is that he owned an old WARD Bible that we call the Elisha Ward Bible. It was in Evie Ward's possession in 1940, 10 years before his death. Evie was married to Kate Dillon, and before that, to her sister Dora. I figure the Bible is still with Evie's family, but I've lost track of all WARD ancestors in Prescott. He and Kate had two daughters: Nannie War d b. 1898 m. Leonard Smith 1919, and Mary Ward b. 1901. Any information on the whereabouts of this old Bible or ancestors would be appreciated. Thanks. (Mark Ward,, 1998-03-04).

I am fairly new to genealogy research but I must say that Nevada County and your page are among the best that I have seen. I am looking for members of the HITT family and the GAMMAGE family. Anyone with information that would be willing to share can rea ch me at I am willing to share what I have as well. Thanks so much! (Betty Hitt Southard,, 1998-02-15).

I am very new at searches done on the computer so I am sure I am missing alot. I am researching my husband's family that, to the best of our knowledge, were in and around Emmet, Hope and Prescott. The main ones we are trying to locate birth, marriage, death, and burial records on are James Edwin Eaves and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Curtis Eaves. My husband is a decendent of their son, William Franklin Eaves, who married Dona Alice Ladd. William Eaves was born in Emmet on July 24,1886, his father, James was born about 1855 but we are unsure where. James and Mary Eaves are said to be buried in Prescott. Any information on Eaves, Curtis or Ladd is greatly appreciated. We are willing to share what little information we have. (Jeanine Eaves,, 1998-02-14).

I am searching for information on Benjamin Jefferson Beesley and Lou Etta Kennedy Beesley. I know they were in Nevada Co. in 1919. My grandmohter was born there. I need more info on Benjamim J. Beesley b.5- 21-1855 and d.8-17-1928. Thanks. (Juli Wright,, 1998-01-15).

My name is Jim Porter. My father was Robert Neal Porter; his mother was Mary Susie Wingfield; her father was James Washington Wingfield. I have a genealogy page for my family, many of whom were born and raised in and around Nevada Co. The surnames include PORTER, WINGFIELD, CORNELIUS, STOCKTON, MCCLAIN, MARCHBANKS, and others. I would appreciate your adding my page to your links list. (Jim Porter,, 1997-12-15).

I am seeking information about the Auxer family. Specificaly Bennie Joe Auxer born l905, and his father Bennie Auxer. (Janet Auxer-Moyta,, 1997-12-15).

I have a large database of Sutton, AR genealogy. Can be accessed at my home page. I am also going to email you some letters, dairies, and other info. (Larry Priest,, 1997-12-14).

The family is CUMMINS, David E. Elliott Lowdermilk brought David E (Kirk) Cummins to Hempstead Co., when he was 2 yrs old. That Cummins bought land on the road to Emmet. Married Martha Anne Laughlin had inter alia my father David E Cummins 2nd. My grandmother, the Laughlin, told me my grandfather gave ? acres of land , must have been at the SW corner, for a high school. I visited it years ago and there was a sign on the playing field that named the field "David E Cummins Athletic Field". Was in Prescott last May-before I became familiar with the many things about Nevada Co.- the school area is quite a complex-Same site? And David E Cummins 3rd (David E Cummins,, 1997-12-13).

I'm doing the Hastings family ancestry. If anyone has any info that could help please Email me at Most of my family was from the Prescott & Langburg area. (Candace Robinett,, 1997-12-12).

I am very impressed with the wealth of info available on your site! Would appreciate Aurale Huff's e-mail or snail mail address, in that I am looking for James "Smiley" Waldrep from Alabama. Thanks! Victoria (Victoria Fountain,, 1997-11-15).

Thank you for the informative look at Nevada Co. I found my husband's great-grandfather in the cemetery list of Mt. Moriah Church. This gave me the start I needed to launch into the search for more information. I was wondering if there are any records concerning the establishment of Georgia township and Mississippi township. Where did most of the inhabitants come from? I am looking for the parents of Andrew W. Barr (Andy) who was born in Georgia in 1823. Can anyone help? (Martha Mason,, 1997-10-15).

I was interested in a Family History account by Ann Pounds, but did not see her email address. Is there a way I could contact her concerning the Thrash Family? (Denise Maddox,, 1997-10-14).

This is a great genealogy resource and has been very helpful to me. Could someone advise me on the availability of vital records for Nevada County residents before 1914 when the state started keeping them? I am trying to locate death certificates for my gg grandparents (Nathaniel Malone and Nancy Haynes Malone) who died in Nevada County in 1898 and 1903. It is my understanding that these records are not kept at the Nevada County courthouse. Any advice on where these records might be found would be greatly appreciated! (Barbara Ray,, 1997-09-15).

I cannot thank you enough for this information I have obtained about my familytree. I think it is wonderful that this website is there. It is very easy to access also. Are there others that have this also? I am looking for a lot of Arkansas records. I am new to the computer game and have a lot more to learn. (Pat Nelson,, 1997-09-14).

Thanks for a great site. I found that my gr gr grandfather John Anthony Pryor is buried at Laneburg Cemetery. I am interested in the following surnames: Pryor & Hudson and all that connects to these families. (Melissa Emerson,, 1997-08-15).

Recommend everyone see the Nevada County genealogy and history web site, also neighboring Pike County, for GREAT examples. I visited Nevada Co several times recently researching CORNELIUS family. Will be back to see the historic sites featured. (Hugh Hyman, Jr., a native of Arkadelphia,, 1997-05-15).

I am formulating a memorial page for the Vietnam Veterans at If you have information regarding ANY veteran of this war, please let me know and I will include it on these pages. All counties in Arkansas will be contacted for this, so please help me present this memorial for these brave men and women who served in the war that nobody wanted. The information I will be placing on the memorial for "survivors" and wounded is:1. Beginning date of service in Vietnam2. Where stationed3. Company, Batallion, etc. and position while in Nam4. Date of leaving Vietnam If the veteran was wounded, how was he or she wounded and in what state of the country. If the veteran was killed in action, date of death and battle place. (Donna Bunting Green, Crittenden Co., AR. coordinator for the Original Arkansas Genealogy,, 1997-05-14).

I am sending you this e-mail in hopes that you might be able to help me find some information on the surnames of: Cason, Kirkham,and Smart in Nevada County, Arkansas. Please e-mail me at: (, 1997-04-15).

Loved coming home to my dad's old stomping grounds. My father, now deceased, was Edward William Davis. He was one of four sons (Roy, "Sook", and "Jock") born to Roy and Mary Cecil ("C" or "Mama C") Davis. Grandma ("Mama C") lived across the street from (Susie Davis-Adams,, 1997-03-15).

Nevada County web page both interesting and informative for one who spent first ten years down Highway 67 in Arkadelphia. Researching Cornelius family in Nevada County who first were in Clark Co. around 1820, later in Hempstead Co. Also Madison Wallace( Wallis) family from Campbell Co, GA (he died 1864) (Hugh H. Hyman, Jr.,, 1997-03-14).

WOW! What a page! One of the best genealogical sites that I've discovered on the Internet. Thanks to you I have been able to find numerous relatives who lived and died in the Prescott area. In June 1967, I attended my grandmother's (Susie Wingfield Por (Jim Porter,, 1997-03-14).

My husband was born in Prescott in 1931. Has been gone since he was two and we just visited AR last spring. We were both thrilled to see your page after just being at the Depot. We are working on Malone, Graham, Garrett, Andrews, Wingfield, and other related lines. . . Would sure like to exchange info with anyone else doing research on these names. Have had a hard time finding others doing same. Thanks so much and keep up the good work. (Vicki Malone,, 1997-03-13).

Both sides of my family HACKNEY/HASLEY come from Nevada County so I'm hoping your readers will be able to help me in my research. (Shawn Miller,, 1997-02-15).

I would like to note that my father, Earl Fincher is buried in the Snell Cemetery. He is not listed that I could find on the ALL list. I would also like to note that Ora Fincher Martin was married to Robert L. Martin NOT Marlar. She is my aunt. (Barbara Fincher Jacobs,, 1997-02-14).

I am doing research on the descendants of Moses H. and Chloe Cook Steed. At the moment I trying find out just when Moses died and if Chloe remarried after his death. Family legend says she married an Almond or Allman. Any information would be appreciated. (Del Steed,, 1997-02-13).

I am doing family research on several Nevada County families; Wicker, Ingersoll, Francisco, Martin, Steed, Alman, Brooks, ect. I am the oldest daughter of Wanda Ingersoll Wicker and the late Bennie LeRoy Wicker. I live in Kentucky at present, attending Murray State University. An anouncment of interest; the new, updated Wicker genealogy by Dr. Richard F. Wicker, will be published this spring or early summer. (Shirley Wicker Hendrix,, 1997-01-15).

Very interesting page and information. I was trying to find some of my forbearers and was delighted to find so much information on line. (John Purtle,, 1997-01-14).

I am researching the Holcomb family; John Harmon Holcomb M.D. who died in l875. (Pamela Rogers,, 1997-01-13).

Great home page. I have not seen the likes for a community supported home page in all my browsing. But; I came here to ask a question. I have been searching high and low for the origins of my GGGGrandfather, Willis Herring. Here is his story briefly: W (Dave Anderson, in Bloomingdale Ohio, Late of WVA., (e-mail update August 1999), 1997-01-12).

I am looking for information and or relatives of Horace Benjamin Graves born in Blevins, Arkansas on February 12, 1924 to Ed Graves and Madgalene Bolt Graves of Blevins, Arkansas. Horace enlisted in the army on March 2, 1943 and received a purple heart for injuries in Germany during W. W. II. He had a son, Don Graves, and later married Maria Guadalupe Garcia Rodriguez in Edinburg, Hidalgo County, Texas. They had three children, Cain Enrique Graves, Wanda Marcia Graves, and Joseph Angel Graves. Horace died in Harlingen, Texas on October 3, 1984. I would like information as to the schools he attended in Arkansas. Please contact Jim or Jean Mathews, 6412 N. 3rd St. McAllen, Texas 78504 or call collect 210 686-6492 or E-Mail. (James E Mathews,, 1996-12-30).

I think it is GREAT. You, and others have put in a lot of work. It will be a lot of help to a lot of people. (Jesse Suttles,, 1996-12-15).

See Tim Holt's With My Best Foot In My Mouth. (1996-10-15).

A very nice page and I will come back from time to time. I am interested in Nevada Co. genealogy. (Jack Coffee,, 1996-08-15).

My family and I live in Texas, and we spent our spring break investigating Shiloh Cemetery near Waldo and Pleasant Hill Cemetery in search of Dennises and Malones. I found your cemetery records today, and they are very helpful in my research. Since I grew up "down the road" in Chidester, I also find the Nevada County information interesting and very helpful in my genealogy research. Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading the histories about Nevada County that your pages have promised. (Barbara Ray,, 1996-07-15).

Thank you for all the work you have done on the Nevada County page. I was born in Prescott in 1951 and my grandparents lived in Hope until they passed away. It was like a visit home reading all the information you have collected. I will check back often. (Mike Conine,, 1996-07-15).

First of all, let me say that I love your page. I have been doing genealogy research on my family for about three years now, but only on the internet for a few months. My family comes from Prescott and this page is very interesting. (Les Holder,, 1996-07-14).

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