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Nevada County Resources

Family History and Information

Garrett Family
Submitted by William Wootton, from Rachel Garrett Hesterly, 83, Prescott, May 13, 1979.
Johnston Family
By Ann Pounds. Major surnames include Johnston, Allison, Pounds, Cagle, Chew, Stricklin, and Thrash.
Family of Lee J Waldrep
Sumbitted by Aurale Huff, orginal information from Donald W. Waldrop Sr.
References to the Waldrep Cemetery near Waldo.


With My Best Foot In My Mouth
By Tim Holt.
Spirit of Harmony
Contributed by Larry Priest
George R Woosley Letter
Contributed by Larry Priest
The Diary of Clinton Harrison Moore
Contributed by Larry Priest
History of the Piney Grove Church
Written by Rev. Andy Clay Harris
Contributed by Vicki Malone

Nevada Country Related Genealogy Home Pages

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Depot Museum's Home Page
Nevada County Depot Museum
Jerry McKelvy's Cemetery Survey
Nevada County Picayune
Electronic editions September 1995 - October 2008.
John Yates
1.4MB PDF file
George Washington Terry, retailer and drug store operator (1875-?), second postmaster of Prescott (1877-1881), Nevada County's Circuit Clerk (1884-1888), and Arkansas Secretary of State (1888-?).

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Mural at West Main and West First in Prescott, courtesy of Ragsdale Printing